Corrugated Knife Stock for Shapers and Moulders

Corrugated steel knives can be swapped between a moulder and a shaper. October 2, 2007

Are there any moulders or planer/moulders that use standard corrugated knives? Also, is it possible to run custom corrugated knife stock from a shaper in a moulder? I'm looking into buying a moulder for my custom mouldings.

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From contributor R:
Yes, most moulder cutterheads use corrugated 60 degree 1/16" between corrugations. There is also some 90 degree (older) corrugated, but I have never ground any. Yes, you can use your cutters on both your moulder and shaper provided you're within the safety limits of the steel and cutter head.

From contributor D:
I have a Woodmaster moulder with a corrugated two slot head. I think when you order the machine you can get this as an option.

From contributor L:
You can buy molder heads in pretty much any configuration you want. Most of ours have 4 slots; we only use 2 at any one time with the others filled. That way we can run softer woods at one cutting angle and hard woods that tend to chip because of irregular grain at a steeper angle. When you put the heads on the grinder, you can adjust for whatever clearance angle is needed. We run 60-degree heads on the Weinig molder, some shapers, and on the arch-molding machine. That way we can get an exact match no matter which machine needs to run the parts. Having a profile grinder opens up an entirely new area of business. Fire damage restoration is a good market in metro areas. They are happy to pay a premium to get the matched molding quickly. We have several brands of heads and the Weinigs are the best. You can slide the knives out of one head and into another and come to nearly the same cutting circle. Parts and service have been excellent from Weinig.