Crackling Lacquer

Quick transitions between heat and cold are another way to create a crackle effect in a lacquer finish. December 31, 2012

I am using a nitrocellulose lacquer finish and I am looking to get a hairline cracked effect to make it look aged. Any technique ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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From contributor S:
Mohawk crackle lacquer. You can get it in clear. You can add their other clears to it to reduce the crackle effect. Try samples first.

From contributor J:
You don't need crackle for nitro. Take a can of that dust off stuff - compressed air in a can used for blowing off computer stuff - and turn the can upside down and spray it on the part. It will spray icy foam that will cold check the nitro. Another way to do it - stick the parts in a freezer, take them out, and hit them with a heat gun, or hit them with a heat gun, then throw them in the freezer. I guess what I am getting at is, with nitro, it is very easy to cold check by swinging the temperature extremes.