Curing Rattle-Can Poly

Rattle-can polyurethane is still tacky two days later. What to do? April 19, 2011

In an emergency I used some Krylon polyurethane in a rattle can to touch up a project. It's been two days and it's still tacky. The part is small and portable, so it's now sitting in the sun. It also can't be replaced, so I have to get this stuff to cure. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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From contributor C:
Sometimes it helps to spray a light coat of naphtha, let dry, and repeat as needed. You can also wipe it on with a lightly dampened lint free rag depending how tacky it is. Air movement will only help your cause, and you’re on the right track heating the part (don't go too hot or you risk blistering the finish). Make sure you buy fresh material. My guess is your rattle can sat on the shelf too long.