Custom Paint for Cabinets

Matching paint or stain colors using a waterborne conversion varnish isn't a big deal, but it's typical to apply an up-charge. December 6, 2011

I prefer to paint with conversion varnish. The problem is matching a customerís paint selection. I have a small job right now - two areas of cabinets and three paint colors. I need to buy a gallon of each and pay a mix charge for each color. I could use oil base enamel, but it's a pain to use. Any suggestions?

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From contributor M:
You can get Bins Shellac based primer tinted, depending on what color you need and then topcoat with clear lacquer. It's fast and no mixing charges. An even better way would be to pass the mixing fees on to your customer and don't lose any sleep over it. You get a better product to use and they get a better end product.

From contributor G:
Charge them for the paint. You should be charging them a premium for multiple colors anyway.

From contributor U:
The first custom color is always included in our normal prices. I do not pay my supplier any more, I just have the hassle of getting it mixed. The second color is $50.00 on top of normal pricing which is probably too cheap. Deep colors. which require higher priced mixing bases, are another additional fee. Itís been so long I forget, but probably another $50.00. If I match the color but also have to use the same brand of paint, I tell them to just get the paint mixed and bring it to me, or call it in and I will pick it up. Depending on the size of the order and how big of an inconvenience determines if and how much we charge.

From contributor A:
ML Campbell will match all of Bennie Moore's colors as well as Pratt Lambert I believe. They can do it with the Woodsong stains as well. They have all the Minwax stains on file. All computerized recipe matching. Often an architect or customer would come to us with a spec or sample of Minwax stain. If you can use BM paint, you could get a wb impervo for samples. Then have ML Campbell mix up some Resistant CV.