Customizing AutoCad Tool Bars

Doing it "the right way" is safer in case you need to re-install. July 11, 2005

I have just installed AutoCad 2005 on a new computer. Our other designers are using a previous version with custom created tool bars. Is there a way to copy these custom tool bar configurations from their machines and install them on mine?

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From contributor A:
I would suggest doing a search on the CAD forum for: Copy Toolbars

You should find everything you need, and it should work for a 2005.

From contributor M:
Here’s a suggestion that may help you out.

Go to:
C:/Documents and settings/Your name folder/Application data/AutoDesk/AutoCAD2004/(or another version)R16/enu/support/

Open the file acadMNS and find in that file your tools. Copy and paste them in to the same file in the same line but under 2005 location.

Then delete acadMNR, it is right next to the acadMNS.Restart AutoCAD. All your tools will come up.

From contributor J:
Contributor M is correct, and it's a fast way of copying toolbars if you don't have a custom menu created. One thing is to make sure you copy of the bitmap images for the buttons. Or make sure the path is mapped to the folder that contains the bmp’s, and it's not a bad idea to delete the mnr file, and then crank up AutoCAD.