Cutting Cellular PVC

A few tips for machining cellular PVC on CNC equipment. May 20, 2009

Does anyone have suggestions for spindle rpm, feed rates and router bit type for cutting 3/4" Azek?

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From contributor H:
We had quite a few requests for Azek curves so had a factory rep come in for half a day to work some demos. We ran the stuff at our normal 18,000 rpm and about 200 ipm and it worked fine. There are probably better feeds and speeds for higher production etc., but this worked for us. I will also mention that I had no interest in bringing into the shop after that demo. Smell, fumes and static issues all led to this decision.

From contributor K:
What type of bit were you using for the testing?

From contributor H:
I don't remember for certain but it was probably a 3/8" 2 flute carbide upcut spiral.

From contributor S:
Use Onsrud:
3/8" PVC O Flute 52-701 S18000 F500
1/2" PVC O Flute 52-706 S18000 F540
3/4" PVC O Flute 52-724 S18000 F625

On most PVC work we use these cutters, also on smaller parts we onion skin the parts before cutting through, plastic slides easy on the spoil board. Hope this helps!