Cutting Post-Form Laminate Tops

If you don't have a slider, you can cut the top from the back side with a circular saw. November 14, 2014

Im cutting post-form laminate. I am going to have to buy two pieces of post form tops at Lowes and cut off both ends and install end caps. Can anyone tell me the best way to cut these off and keep them smooth so I can apply end caps? The top has the back splash made all together. Lowes stocks several colors 6' to 10' lengths.

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From contributor G:
A counter top saw, a slider if your blade is big enough, turn the top upside down and get it close with a jig saw and finish with a router and straight edge.

From contributor M:
We user our slider - two sided melamine blade cuts clean as a whistle. Our 14" blade is high enough to easily clear the backsplash. Short of a slider or countertop saw, Contributor G's advice with the jigsaw is you next best shot.

From the original questioner:
Thanks I may have to take Contributor Gs advice I don't have a blade that big.

From contributor G:
Be careful at the cove or the bit could cause chip out at the cove.

From contributor C:
I cut from the bottom with a circular saw and a straight edge, in my case a Festool track saw, then smooth it up with a belt sander - easy as pie.

From the original questioner:
Thanks Contributor C that is what I plan on doing.

From contributor U:
I do it basically like Contributor C as well.