Deep Black Hole Filler Ideas

Suggestions for filling pin-nail holes in a pre-finished black moulding. December 10, 2007

I recently had to add pre-finished black molding to the front of some cabinet doors. The only way to secure it was with pin nails. Now we need to fill in the pin holes so that they are not obvious. Color putty does not work, as it is too dull. We have tried several things, but to no avail. They shrink back or show. We filled them with putty and then went over the putty with the same black stain and can get the color, but it still shows too much. We need something that we can fill it with, then lightly sand to level, color and then clearcoat over again. Any suggestions would sure be welcome.

Forum Responses
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From contributor R:
Have you considered a black shellac stick? These have gotten more user friendly in the past few years.

From contributor P:
How about mixing Japan color with sawdust? Or for that matter, just the Japan color.

From contributor K:
Konig or Liberon sticks should work, as they are harder, so shine more.

From contributor M:
It is too late for these doors, but consider getting a headless pinner, 23 gauge. The holes are so small, half the time you don't even need to fill them.

From contributor C:
Depends on how much of a hurry you're in to get job completed. If you have time, you can leave a small bottle of gloss black lacquer (baby food jar 1/4 full or less) out overnight so that all of the fast solvents and most of the medium evaporating solvents have dissipated. Then with a small brush or fine tip dropper, apply small drops to each hole. Let dry and repeat till hole is overfilled, then let dry overnight. Then you can level with fine sandpaper and color and topcoat.

From contributor N:
I've had pretty good luck with epoxy putty. Micro pins work great in the future.

From contributor D:
Bondo. Can be shaped with a blade and sanded within minutes, pre-colored with dry powder and using a mixture of the orange and blue hardener, stained or dyed, and finished over in minutes.