Delta 12.5-inch planer

Participants discuss the performance of the DeWalt 12.5-inch planer. April 9, 2000

Has anyone tried the DeWalt 12.5-inch planer? I need to plane about 500 BF of hickory. I figured it would do the job as long as I kept sharp blades on it. Any comments?

I have a DeWalt 12.5-inch planer and a Ryobi 10-inch planer.

The features I like on the DeWalt are the head-locking feature, larger infeed and outfeed tables, and faster cutter speed. The DeWalt does a good job for me.

If you want to save a few dollars on a DeWalt, Harbor Freight periodically sells reconditioned planers for about $330. Don't know if all those reconditioned planers say anything about their dependability. I've had no problems with mine.

The DeWalt should do you fine. We used a Jet 12.5-inch (very similar) to plane all of the hickory for my kitchen trim (approx. 150BF). The main thing about hickory as noted above is that it is VERY hard! Just plane in small increments, keep your blades sharp, and you should have no problems.