Diamond Versus Carbide Bit Life

More opinions on how long a cutter bit should last. July 4, 2005

I am looking for your input on diamond tooling. I cut a lot of MDF and particle board materials with either a melamine or veneered surface. Solid carbide certainly works well, but I am finding myself sending in a lot of tooling for sharpening, which quickly adds up. If you are using diamond tooling, which brands are they?

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From contributor E:
We manufacture cabinet doors using a Komo router. We use diamond tooling for all cuts and are very pleased with the tool life. We see diamond working for up to a year without any service.

From contributor G:
PCD tooling will provide you with the longest lasting cut of any other material. PCD will also provide you with a superior edge finish or profile edge or inside edge finish, with little or no sanding.

Now getting back to your question - I take it you are doing panel processing and not profile work. If you are not getting 70+ sheets from your current tool, then something is wrong. A PCD tool will run 5-7MPM (200-250IPM) and will provide you with 200+ sheets.

As mentioned, a solid carbide tool should provide you with 70+ sheets, prior to servicing the tool. But the feed speeds you are or should be getting from a solid carbide tool is 20-25+MPM (800-1200IPM).

If speed is not a factor, PCD would be the choice. If production is to be considered, Solid Carbide would be the choice to go with.