Dishwasher Compatibility with Unconventional Toe Kick Height

A cabinetmaker and installer searches for a workaround for dishwasher installation when a designer has specified a three-inch-high toe kick.March 28, 2015

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
We have an issue in our shop. We have been building a kitchen following the architect design including a 3" height toe kick, but they included a dishwasher with a wood panel. It is possible to have that panel with the 3" one, or we should go to a 4" height toe kick? Has anyone ever resolved this kind of issue before?

Forum Responses
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From Contributor E:
First the architect should know that toe kick should be 4" according to AWMAC standards. Second with a 3" kick, the dishwasher bottom plate is 4" high typically. I would ask him/her to review their spec sources. You will also catch your foot on a 3" kick.

From Contributor G:
I haven't seen a 4" toekick on a DW in a while. They are all like 4 1/4". After dealing with a few toekick heaters I now make my toekicks at 4 1/2". Itís very doubtful you will be able to make the DW panel go down to 3" above the floor without it interfering with opening the door.

From contributor K:
Designers draw things that won't fit or work on a regular basis. I use four inch kicks. When you ask them to sign off on responsibility for something out of the normal, they always backtrack and tell you to do it how you think is best. Their drawings usually have not for construction disclaimer also.

From contributor L:
When you submit your shop drawings for approval, draw what is correct. Disregard the design drawings. If they still want something else they will redline your drawing. We draw clouds around our changes so they are easily detected. Keep the redlined drawings as your "cover your butt" paperwork. The only things I won't do are things I consider to be unsafe.

From the original questioner:
Thank you everyone for all the help. We resolved the problem changing the DW for an ultimate machine that has a drawer.