Dovetail Jigs for Very Small Drawers

A woodworker looks for equipment to make dovetail joints for small drawers using thin stock. July 29, 2014

I make small drawers using 1/2 - 5/8" thick fronts and 1/4" thick sides. The drawer can be 6.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches long by 2 inches tall. Is there a dovetail jig that can be used on such small drawers?

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From Contributor O:
I would look at a dremel or similar tools. Some have bases and can be used as a router. If the bits are available - 1/8" shank - then you could easily make a jig patterned after the P-C Omni-jig to do your dovetails. Off the shelf, I'm not aware of anything. Then there is the venerable Franz Klaus, who has been teaching a 15 minute cut your own dovetails by hand class for 20 years or longer. That and some practice and you will be faster than machines, and more versatile.

From Contributor P:
Leigh dovetail jigs will work on stock down to 1/4" thickness.

From Contributor R:
Rockler has a good, basic jig with replaceable combs. One comb that is available is for miniature pins and tails.

From the original questioner:
To contributor R: I am working with 1/2 - 5/8" thick fronts and 1/4" thick sides so it appears this system won't go that thin.

From Contributor R:
The mini dovetail comb does allow for stock down to 1/8" thick. A spacer block is used with the clamping bar. I added magnets to mine to hold it in place during use.