Dovetailing Machine Capabilities


From original questioner:

hi all,

I have a question regarding industrial dovetailing machines (Omec, Cantek, etc.), namely, can any of them do straight, through dovetails (i.e., the kind that looks most like a hand cut dovetail).

My current understanding is that most vendors with these machines first prefer half blind because tail- and pinboards are cut simultaneously. Even those providing a through dovetail option have the tails rounded (if you are looking at the end grain of the tail).

I'm looking for a vendor who will do straight, through dovetails and finding it significantly more difficult than I imagined.


From contributor Ma


The Omec will run these. It has to be one of their cnc dovetailers.

I can't remember if the the 750 CN can do it , but I know the F 11 can.

They're not cheap though. The F 11 is a little under 50K and the 750 CN is around 30K.

You have to first run the tails with the dovetail bit then switch to a straight bit to cut your pins.

As you can see, you will have to a lot of them to make it pay.

I'm pretty sure there are some videos on youtube showing them in action.