Drawing Programs For IPad


From original questioner:

Can any of you suggest an app for quick drawing on an iPad. Not looking for complicated drawings. Just something that you can do a basic sketch with dimensions. I am new to an iPad and could use some advice. I am familiar with acad and we use cabnetware at the shop. I am just looking for a better way to use the iPad for sales presentations.

From contributor ja

I use an app called measure it and my measures for taking a photo placing measurements on it then emailing it to shop. to me it was quicker when drawing to use a veritas graph pad, just not that good at drawing on the pad

From contributor RS

If your familiar with AutoCad, why not get their AutoCad 360?
Works pretty good for me and they are very helpful and responsive to any questions I have had.
The program is not the full AutoCad but has enough tools to get a quick sketch done on site and you can even work with native drawings if you already use it in your business.
Win Win if you asked me, I use it and really like it.

From contributor Da

What is the cost of acad360?

From contributor RS

It's free for the basics, which is enough.
But if you want to control layers and store stuff on the cloud it will cost you a yearly or monthly due.
I think I paid 50 bucks for the year, which I think is really cheap for what you get.
You can purchase it for a month at a time if you like as we'll, or like I did for a while, just run with the free version, it has enough the same tools just not the same cloud storage.
You can't go wrong, it is the best I have used so far.
I played with another program that looked good but turned out being a ripp-off and the developer was unhappy because he had already spent two years on it with no real return, I wonder why that was?

Any how, give AutoCad360 a try, you will be happy you did.