Dry Kiln Operator's Manual

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A publication of the Forest Products Laboratory. August 22, 2003

Edited by William T. Simpson,
Research Forest Products Technologist

United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service
Forest Products Laboratory

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Introduction, glossary, and index (424 KB)
Chapter 1 - Properties of wood related to drying (791 KB)
Chapter 2 - Kiln types and features (3.3 MB)
Chapter 3 - Dry kiln auxiliary equipment (3.7 MB)
Chapter 4 - Inspection and maintenance of dry kilns and equipment (59 KB)
Chapter 5 - Stacking and loading lumber for kiln drying (2.6 MB)
Chapter 6 - Kiln samples (671 KB)

Chapter 7 - Kiln schedules (487 KB)
Chapter 8 - Drying defects (3.2 MB)
Chapter 9 - Operating a dry kiln (58 KB)
Chapter 10 - Log and lumber storage (3.3 MB)
Chapter 11 - Energy in kiln drying (266 KB)