Drying Freshly Sawn Veneer

Tips for drying veneer. August 29, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
Has anyone tried to dry veneer cut from a band saw?

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From contributor S:
Veneer from green logs is typically sliced, not sawn and then fed through driers. Bandsawn veneer is typically manufactured from lumber that has already been dried.

From contributor K:
I've been contemplating cutting some for laminated bending. I was thinking about hanging them from one end, like clothes on a line. For my purpose, keeping them flat isn't a problem, because the bundle will be taking a new shape anyway.

From the original questioner:
I do saw my logs rather than manufacture them. When you’re the new guy you get innovative. So far we have been cutting oak and pecan. We’ve been putting thin cardboard paper in between and have had good luck so far.

From Contributor H:
You can always take the veneer and put some stickers on them. Just space them far enough where your veneer won't bow between them. This will help allow airflow between the sheets to dry further to get to the right moisture content.

From Contributor O:
I have dried wet veneer by placing several layers (four-six) of newspaper between the sheets of veneers and weighting the stack to keep it flat. Change the newspaper every day, until you get to about 8% MC.