Durability of Locust Varieties

Black locust is the same as yellow locust, and it's more durable than honey locust. December 1, 2005

Is yellow locust as durable as black locust for fence posts? I'm outside of Raleigh, NC and I've only been able to locate yellow locust. I would prefer a durable natural post, as opposed to a treated one.

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From contributor L:
US Forest Service rates black locust as "exceptionally resistant" to heartwood decay and honey locust as "moderately resistant." I don't think you want honey locust fence posts.

From contributor W:
Black locust is yellow locust. Honey locust has a red heartwood.

From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
Indeed, black locust and yellow locust are the same. Note that honey locust is not in the same genus as black locust. Honey locust is Gleditsia triacanthos and is in the family Leguminosae. Black locust is Robinia pseudoacacia and in the pea family (Fabaceae).

From the original questioner:
Thanks much for the clarification. This is good news for me.