Dynasty/Omega Stain Matching


From original questioner:

Hi Guys,

I have a tough customer demanding a near perfect match to some sample cabinet doors he brought in.

Us getting a few big jobs is depending on us getting this stain just right.

Both samples are stained and glazed using alder wood. We sent them to our regular match store (Sherwinn Williams Commercial) and have sent them back for alteration like 3 times already. We're ready to throw in the towel on having an outsider match it for us.

Our options at this point seem to be do it myself, or hopefully, I can purchase the exact stain on the samples from Omega/Dynasty.

I am fortunate enough to have labels on the back of both samples showing all needed information down to the stain and glaze names.

Can anyone tell me where I can obtain this stain for purchase???

I really don't want to play color-chemist unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help.


From contributor Ro

I think you are going to have to play chemist and mix your own stain. Your probably going to have to do some shading and glazing on " those big jobs " so get some practice on the small sample doors so when the "big" one comes in you will know what to do.

Alder, even without a stain is going to vary in color so that's why I suggest you put on your shop apron and mix the color/ colors yourself.

Just because a factory mixed color might match a factory built door it may not match the wood you will be using for the "big job".
Samples also age, so a factory mixed stain that was used a year ago might look different today.

From contributor Da

Choosing stains and glazes is part of the process but what you're doing is "matching the look".

If the manufacturer of the original cabintry would be kind enough to share their finish schedule with you, that would be the best.