Eastern White Pine for Construction

Framing lumber, trim, and flooring can all be made from White Pine. January 8, 2010

A guy I work with is building a new house. He has a lot of EWP trees close to his house. I can have all the logs for helping cut them down. My question is, will EWP make good barn siding and beams?

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From contributor P:
Heck yeah. I use EWP for everything including framing lumber. Other than some plywood sheathing, my house, sugar house, and garage are almost entirely made from white pine.

From contributor L:
Did you make the extra effort to winter cut your pine, or was blue stain a non-issue for your uses?

From contributor P:
Blue stain was not much of an issue since the exterior siding/trim and much of the interior was painted. The wide pine floors were stained dark (early American) and did have some blue stain, but I think it looks good.

From contributor R:
About 95 percent of what I saw and build with is EWP. I am hooked up with local tree services and really get more free logs than I need at times. Most of my customers purchase pine for their projects.

I have about 200 pine logs that were stacked in inventory over twice as long as I normally keep them before sawing. These logs have gotten infested with the blackhorned pine borers, which bore holes into the logs. I am selling this wood at a discount and it is being used for sheeting on farm buildings and other non-critical applications. The borers seem to die within a couple hours after being exposed to the outside elements. You can actually hear them cutting in the logs when they become active and you need to start sawing them ASAP.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for all your help. I have only used hardwoods and yellow poplar. I do not have pines on my farm. From now on I will have to keep my ears and eyes open for more EWP.