Edge Banding 1 1/2" Strips & Clean Up


From original questioner:

we are using outsourced parts 1/2" melamine pvc edge banded ? 1 is it possible / reasonable to run 1 1/2" inch x 81/2" strips
? 2 we are getting quite a bit of glue is that normal, also what is the best product to clean adhesive with, thinner and solvent are not cutting very well
thank you for your help

From contributor Da

1-1/2 is too narrow on my bander. It can be done, but the piece is prone to tipping and comes out over/under trimmed. I make extra nailers/stretchers (~3-1/2), band both edges and rip them in half.

Banded edges should require no to minimal cleanup. I usually run a utility blade along the face to insure the banding is flush, it will also remove the bulk of any excess glue. I do any glue cleanup with 3M citrus cleaner (lacquer thinner also works).