Edge Sanding Doors

Quick tips for efficient smoothing to remove saw marks from door edges. October 26, 2011

What type of palm sander is ideal for sanding raised panel profiles that can contour well to the shape of the raised panel profile?

Also, we are upgrading our double drum sander to a wide belt, with which we are expecting better sanding results. But what can we do to improve edge sanding? Once we cut our doors to size, saw marks are left on edges which are tough to sand out with palm sander. Most of the time the saw marks come out, but sometimes they don't and end up appearing once we stain the doors.

Forum Responses
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From contributor L:
A quick bump on the 150 grit edge sander? It may take a little practice to keep from taking too much off one end or the other. Put a 90 degree fence on the table.

From contributor M:
An edge sander for the edges, then you can go over quickly with the RO sander. You could try to pick up a used Larick or other brand of profile sander. I see them sell pretty cheap sometimes.

From contributor N:
A sharp cabinet scraper will remove saw marks from the edges of doors quickly.

From contributor A:
An air powered 5" random orbit sander is fast and accurate with a little practice when sanding panels. Square edges - go with the 150 grit bump on the edge sander, 180 if possible.

From contributor J:
We use a 6x132 edge sander for edge work on our doors. It works great. 120grit. Profile sander works great for raised panels and door edges. We use a crouch model - really nice unit. Like with any router or shaper cutter, being really sharp cuts down on sanding time a lot.