Edgebander Buffing Wheels

Advice on maintaining and using the buffing wheels on an older edgebander. January 25, 2013

I have been restoring an older Bimatic edgebander. It's working well except I need to replace the buffing wheels. Are there different types and if so, what should I be looking for? Also, is the spray-on anti-static stuff worth it?

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From contributor C:
Try these guys for the buffing wheels: advancedcncinnovations.com.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. Maybe a more basic question: Should I even use buffing wheels on melamine?

From contributor C:
Yes, learn to dial in that machine so tightly between glue application and cutter performance that you touch the product it spits as little as possible. Buffing helps smooth the angled cut on the PVC.

What type of glue are you using and is it designed for that machine? Call tech services and find out what they recommend based on your application - machine FPM speed and whether you are running 3mm plastic laminate or 1/2mm PVC. Call Dohrus or Jowatt. And, do not skimp on the glue. Buy the best, and get great results.

From contributor H:
I owned a Bimatic bander when I had my shop in Montreal. Great little machine with 3mm capacity. The buffer wheels are only helpful for thick PVC banding. I never noticed any difference in the regular PVC thin tape.

From contributor L:
We use spiral sown cotton buffs for PVC of all thicknesses. Keep your glue line to a minimum to avoid filling the buffs. For HPL we switch out the cotton and put Scotch Bright type wheels on. They work amazingly well. If your machine doesn't oscillate the buffs, adjust them often.