Edgebander Feed Track Control Issue

Troubleshooting a sensor trip on an edgebander that's stopping the feed track. December 14, 2009

I have a MiniMax EB30/SCMI K201HF. I've had a small issue that I can't figure out. On longer parts, over 20, the feed track will turn off right before the panel hits the end trim cutter at sensor 3. This will only happen when the machine is hot and has run a number of panels. It will also only happen if the panel is over a certain length (about 20- 25). It seems like it may have something to do with sensor 2 and 3 and the panel being in contact with sensor 1 at the same time. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

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From contributor A:
It sounds like your problem will fall into one of two categories. Edgebanders will either have a light or a marked spot located on the beam that tells you that boards must clear that spot before feeding another board into the machine. This distance is there to allow the various stations to return to their start positions before another board enters their work area. Make certain that you are not feeding boards too close to each other.

The second condition to check is the individual stations on the machine. Make certain all stations are returning to their start positions and that the switches that indicate they are there are working properly. For example, if your end trim saw has not returned to its start position by the time a board reaches it, the board could do damage to the machine. This is why companies program a safe guard that will make certain that the end trim is in proper position before a board can enter its area.

From the original questioner:
You are a lifesaver. Sensor 1 was just barely being tripped by the panel and I think when the guillotine would fire, the machine would shake just enough to make the sensor think I was feeding another panel. I adjusted it down and ran a few 8' pieces with no problem. Thanks so much.