Edgebander Lubrication Schedule

Edgebanders need frequent cleaning and greasing. December 7, 2008

I'm a one man shop with a Brandt KD-55 bander doing primarily frameless cabinets. How often should I be greasing the fittings on the machine? I've never been quite sure and have always had this nagging feeling that I was neglecting the machine, and just greased it when I thought it needed it. I'd like to just put a mark on the calendar for when I should service it, and put it out of my mind in the meantime.

Forum Responses
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From contributor H:
I am not familiar with the maintenance for your machine, but would suggest a white writeable calendar near the machine with dates filled in over the year. Fill it in and check it off as done. Dont forget the gluepot cleanup. We all hate doing it, but it is essential for a good clean bond.

From contributor M:
You should clean the inside of the machine after every eight hours of use. I think you need to grease the glue pot bearings every 20-40 hours of use (use the high temp grease). I think the pads are every 40 hours of use. Give the saw bearings a shot at the same time, too. The best thing to do is look at your manual or call Stiles tech support.

From contributor M:
We have a KD54. Glue pot grease fitting is every 16-20 hours. Conveyance chain is every 40 hours. You have to remember too much grease is almost as bad as not enough.

From contributor L:
Does your machine have an hour meter? If not, put one on it so you can keep track of when its time to service. It seems like all machines should have hour meters but only the higher money machines do.