Edgebanders Capable of Applying Solid Wood Edging

Info on equipment and methods for edgebanding doors with 1/8th-inch and thicker wood strips. May 13, 2013

I have been getting inquiries about doing flat panel veneer doors with 1/8" to 1/4" solid wood edging. All of my experience is in solid wood machinery, so I have no idea where to start looking. To test the waters, I would hope to find a used machine. I don't have much floor space available. Are there any specific models to look for or avoid?

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From contributor T:
One consideration might be how well edgebander glue holds lumber over time. You probably would have no problem getting lumber to stick initially but the type of glue that softens with heat might not work when humidity changes hit the solid lumber. The problem would probably be less acute with 1/8 inch solids than with 1/4 solids.

I don't have any direct experience with this but one time in the way-back machine I did some research about farming out a similar process. The guy who I was going to have do this edgebanding said that a big part of his workload was repairing conference tables that had solids glued on with automatic edgebanders. You might look at some of the HESS type clamps. They have a relatively small footprint and you can quickly adhere lumber bands with aliphatic type glue. You should take this advice as being worth what you paid for it but it would still be worth researching before investing.

From contributor E:
I bought Minimax he-30 (SCM 201) for the exact use that you describe. Started out with 1/8 solid strips and 3/16" solid (I think might be the max) then switched to 3mm and 2mm coiled veneer. If you are set on strips, then look for a machine with a magazine strip feeder, otherwise you will be loading each piece by hand.

Unless you have experience with a particular bander I would suggest buying new or at least checking for technical support availability on the used one. I did my first 1/8" solid jobs six years ago and have had no callbacks on glue failure. The SCM 201 is small and has lower footprint than a slider. I would purchase the same brand again, but with more options (pre-mill scraping and buffing).

From the original questioner:

I didn't even know that 2-3mm veneer coils were available. That might be perfect for people wanting "solid wood" edging. Thanks for the info on the 201.

From contributor G:
To contributor E: What brand and type of adhesive are you using? Do you prime the solid wood? If yes, what do you prime with? I use a Holzher 1310 to apply up to 8 mil edge. I prime the solid with Titebond 2 thinned 1 to 1 with water. It seems to hold well but I don't have any long term data. I use Dorus KS 217 natural. I had a glue pot machine before the Holzher and I like the quick heat up times and low maintenance of the Holzher system.

From contributor E:
I use the same glue, but have not primed the strips.

From contributor G:
Thanks Contributor E. I thickness my solid banding with a planer that uses carbide inserts that cut in a shear direction. I think these knives cut on more of a scraping angle than the standard HSS knives and produce a more glazed surface than other cutters. I did a test on the banding and found that when pulled off very little glue was left on the banding so I went to the effort of priming. I think if you were to thickness sand your banding this step may not be required.

From contributor O:
I have a Marunaka solid wood bander that is similar to the Hess. It makes a very tight joint using aliphatic glue for a strong bond. The downside is manual flushing and end trimming of the edges.