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we are looking to purchase our first edge bander and are set with a couple choices
felder g300
casedi ala20
and a cantek mx330
the last option is new to us and there are no suppliers nearby but the price point is close to %30 less than the other two. does anybody have any experience with any of these machines ?
We build cabinets for our renovations business so do not require any major production output.

From contributor ja

Just get one that can be serviced with parts Quick, A down EB can put a hurtin on a shop once it is the go to tool. I like it when I Call and parts (track pads) are in my shop the next day !! stay away from the Chinese models. and know who your techs are

From contributor An

I have several Cantek machines in my shop ( 20" planer, 16" jointer, shaper, wide belt sander, dovetailer) and was looking at the 330 but opted to buy the 340 last summer. The 340 can do up to 3mm wood or pvc and has trimming for ends and top / bottom as well as scrapers and buffing. So far it has been very good for my shop although I use it for mainly solid wood strips. I've done enough melamine edging to know once set up its very good. The 330 is a smaller machine and about 2/3 the cost of the 340. But I'd opt for the more capable 340.

In Canada Cantek is sold and serviced by Akhurst machinery and they are top notch. I know in the USA Cantek America is the dealer/servicer but since they are one in th same I'd imagine their service should also be good.

From contributor Ri

Got a ball park figure on the Cantek 340?

From contributor An

Mine was $17000 last July. I know the price is less on the west coast since it ships from BC. And how the U.S. dollar is vs Canadian dollar as well.

I think the 330 was just around $10K

From contributor Ri

Thank you Andrew.

BTW I'm in that Anchorage AK Area.

From contributor Da

I had a price of 12,999 CDN for the Cantek 330

From contributor Ev

We love our G300, and we have a good relationship with Felder.