Edgebanding Tape Storage


From original questioner:

We've been getting a lot more melamine colors lately and have been collecting a new color of tape alongside it. Now we've ran it of space in the pull out shelves that we have now. We're wondering what ideas you have to store your edgebanding?

From contributor De

Video of ours is below. We have since added pull tags for reorders that have color name, reorder quantity, part number, supplier and a small piece of the edge banding on it. We built cabinets that fit the banding and have adjustable shelves to change things around as needed.

From contributor Ri

Derrick, as always, has great ideas. I had something similar. I built In feed and out feed carts, the size of the cabinets he showed for 3 mm tape, for both ends of my bander and stored my 3 mm there. I also kept my 1 mm white (most used) on the top shelf of the in feed cart right next to the bander feed table.

I had a work station behind the bander where I did gang drilling of drawer fronts for pulls, and hinge boring of doors. Above the work station, I also had open shelving units for the thinner tapes.

We mostly used 1 mm tape. After some frustration, my bander tech figured out the variance in thickness in the 1 mm was causing trimming inconsistency. I learned to mike the thickness of every roll and mark it on the inside of each roll. I would need to make some trimmer adjustments based on those variances.

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Thanks Derrick

From contributor La

Banding storage. We try to keep a current inventory, key word "try."

From contributor Ma

That's a LOT of laminate! And the storage systems you have are quite amazing guys. Thanks for sharing!