Edgebanding a Round Table

Here's a list of steps for applying edgebanding to a round laminate tabletop. April 8, 2013

We need to edgeband a 1.5" thick x 36" dia table top with horizontal laminate. What is the best way to:
Cut laminate to exact length?
Glue (and clamp, if not using contact adhesive)?
Any other tips?

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From contributor C:
The top is cut. So then clean up one end of the p-lam in the saw of your choice. Masking tape it on every 6 or so inches, making sure it's tight all the way around. The end will overlap the beginning. So either mark and cut with shears or using a 1/2" thick block as a straight edge, route off and check for fit. (Yes, while it is taped around the top still.) We use Titebond 2 and glue and mask every 3 or 4 inches and once it's all laced up we slap a ratchet strap around it and just snug it up.

From contributor L:
The use of a hard glue rather than contact is a good way since the curve will produce a continuous stress on the joint. Also if you do much of this work, an underscribe router is a better way to get a good fit.

From the original questioner:
That makes sense I guess, and it allows for a bit of adjustment through the clamping process. Can you describe to me the underscribe router?

From contributor L:
Underscribe router: originally made by Art Betterly a long time ago. Now also made by the usual router manufacturers. Bosch makes one. Simple base plate with a small hooked shoe that guides on the glued down lam and has an adjustment to locate the cutting bit (1/8") to make a perfect fit. All the shops that regularly do laminate work use them. On radius work a wedge of wood is added to the base to compensate for the curve. They take some practice to be proficient.