Efficient Production of Drawer Parts

An idea for speeding up the drawer blank cutting process. September 8, 2007

Right now I use my table saw to cut my drawer gables, front and backs. I was thinking about changing this process, as it consumes a lot of time. I was thinking of cutting standard strips at 4" and 7" x 8' long and then edgebanding them. Then I was thinking of buying a measuring system for my miter saw, like the Kreg measuring system, and using that to cut the gables, fronts and backs. Does anyone see anything wrong with this process? The only thing I can see is that my table saw and miter saw have to be perfectly dialed in to each other.

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From contributor M:
The system you are considering doing is pretty much how everybody does it already, as far as I have seen. That is, to precut 8' stock width blanks for later cut off. The edgebanding gets more efficient in blank 8' lengths, as you have surmised. And that is true no matter what you use for blanks - plywood, melamine, etc.

As far as your miter saw fence setup, most everybody has that as well, although I have it with a radial arm saw and a simple unmarked wood fence with a clamp-block arrangement to duplicate lengths. I always have to measure and mark the first piece of any cutting run.