Eliminating Orbital Sander Sanding Swirls

Swirl marks from an orbital sander are mostly about technique, not tool choice. July 29, 2012

I canít find a sander that doesnít leave swirls in my faceframes and doors. Does anyone have any help/suggestions?

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From contributor R:
Try using a sanding block.

From contributor Y:
Contributor R is right. Although I haven't seen a sanding block in years I sand to 180 grit. Itís not perfect but it makes them harder to see.

From contributor M:
What is your procedure? What grits are you going through and what type of wood? There are tons of variables that contribute to swirl marks.

From contributor C:
Are you using a random orbit? What is the cut - 3/32 or 3/16? This is real important. Our 3/32 used mainly for polishing solid surface is a nightmare for wood doors.

From contributor J:
Most times for a random orbital it's from moving the sander back and forth to fast. Itís a common mistake.