Euro Hinge Positioning and Door Edges

Euro hinges have to be mounted very close to door edges. But here's a workaround that adds some flexibiity for face frame construction. May 13, 2013

Are there any Euro hinges for face frame cabinets that have the hole further from the edge? Mine are only 1/8" from the door edge and I can't route a nice profile on the door edge without cutting into the pocket hole of the hinge for 1/2" overlay doors.

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From contributor D:
All compact style (one piece) Euro hinges on the market today have a maximum edge bore distance of 3mm (1/8"). A popular method is to use a 1/2" overlay "long arm" Euro hinge and a face frame mounting plate.

This offers several advantages:

1. You can bore the cup hole, in most cases up to 5/16" from the edge of the door. With certain hinges, this can also be increased to 3/8".

2. The unsightly gap between the door and the face frame can be reduced to 1/16".

3. The option of using 110 degree, 120 degree or even 165 degree is possible with a standard Euro hinge.

4. This method allows the door to be easily removed (clip hinges) at installation time.

5. The overall look gets away from the "Big Box" store cabinet look - giving the job a more custom appearance.

6. Tighter gaps between doors are possible.

Here is an illustration:

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