Fastcap Edgebanding


From original questioner:

Is the peel and stick edgebanding worth fooling with? There are times when it might come in handy, but I don't need any call back headaches.

Does anyone have any long term experience with durability issues?

Thanks for any input.

From contributor ca

We threw it in the trash. We contact cement it on, cut and file

From contributor Da

We tried fastcap one time. It showed signs of not sticking very well and it is expensive. After that we began using Edgemates PSA peel and stick edgebanding with 3M adhesive. It works really well. I used it on some of my shop cabinets on particle board and plywood and it is holding up great. I had several jobs edge banded by a large commercial shop with a glue pot edge bander and at least on band came off on every job that I had to repair. With the Edgemate product I have not had any issues like this. Application is everything. First sand the edge of the panel with a few passes of a hard sanding block (120), them blow off with compressed air. Apply the edge band and use a veneer scraper available from to apply pressure instead of a j-roller. It has a plastic blade that really puts a lot of pressure on the edge band creating a very strong bond. The fastcap edge trimmer does work well for flush trimming afterwards. Best of luck.

From contributor Ro

Thanks a lot for the input. Fifty years in the business has taught me to keep an open mind to new things. Some work out, and some don't.