File Drawer Locks


From original questioner:

We are making a file cabinet for a customer that is two drawers high and three wide that my customer wants to lock from one spot. I remember seeing something down at IWF that I think would work, but I didn't get any info on it. It was a locking mechanism that had a track that was filled with cams of some sort and locked form the back of the drawer not the side like most do. Anybody see that or know what I saw? Or anybody have another option to lock 3 drawer stacks at once?


From contributor Da

Hafele offers some electronic locking solutions which we use in this situation. There are EFL80 locking slides or Stealthlock which could open all drawers with a single wireless keypad.

From contributor Le

Grass makes the system you are talking about. It is sold by Hafele

From contributor Jo

Jarin, you need a front mounted gang lock. Hafele sells the Timberline products.

From contributor Do

A log chain with a master lock , Home Depot uses same set up for riding lawnmowers so should work fine for a few drawers.