Finishing Cost For Gloss Finish


From original questioner:

I have a question about pricing for gloss finish. I'm building a set of cabinets that will have a counter and backsplash. I got a quote from a finisher for spraying the cabinets with 2 colors of precatalyzed lacquer. 85% will have an off-white satin finish, and 15% (the counter and backsplash) will be bright orange. I asked the finisher to quote me a price for the orange in both satin and gloss finishes. The total estimate with the orange in satin was 1,200. The total for the orange in gloss was 1,800. I'm new at this: is it standard to charge this much more for gloss finish? Can someone explain why? Is it just because of paint cost? Or is it more difficult to get a good finish? Thanks for the help. See image attached. Please note that cabinet interiors will be painted.

From contributor Du

$1200 for spraying 9 square feet of satin orange lacquer? $1800 for gloss? I think your finisher may be huffing lacquer fumes.... I'd get another quote.

From contributor Ed

Duster, i think he meant for everything, he quote:

"The total estimate with the orange in satin was 1,200. The total for the orange in gloss was 1,800."

From contributor Du

Edi, upon further review, I believe you are correct. But $600 is still a lot for the maximum of one hour of extra work to mask the cabinet and change the lacquer in the gun to gloss for the orange section....

From contributor Mi

If you have used the guy often and there was a element of trust, I would ask him why the difference. A second quote never hurts either. The second color does add the cost of more paint, and I find when spraying high gloss colors that are dark, they take a lot more coverage/coats than white paint on white primer. It does sound high though, but every situation is unique.

From contributor Jo

I wasn't clear. Edi was right. I should have said they wanted 600 more for gloss/bright orange, so 1800 total.

Just to clarify a little further, the orange parts are going to be delivered to the finisher as separate pieces, so no masking will be necessary. I'm going to assemble the parts after they are spray finished.

Thanks for the responses.

From contributor Mi

In that case, I say he is definitely too high.

From contributor Le

Depends on what you mean by gloss. If you mean pick up a can of gloss orange and spray it on then that price is nutz.

If you mean a high gloss attained by sanding and polishing/buffing then the price is still a bit high, but not off the mark to much.

A lot of work goes into a polished high gloss coat.

From contributor ri

Depends if you just want gloss out of the gun like others are suggesting, or if you want filled and fine sanded filler/primer, extra coats of color or color and clear coat, extended time in the shop for the material to cure hard, wet sanding with at least 2 or maybe 3 grits, and at least 2 grits of compound, and 1 grit of polishing compound. There is gloss sheen, and then there is "piano quality" finish.

From contributor Al

I agree with rich c., a high gloss polished finish is extremely labor intensive. You need to specify if all you want is an off-the-gun finish, a piano finish, or something in between. Wood prep also comes into play here to reduce flaws. The higher the gloss, the more the flaws show up. I don't think $600 more for a high gloss finish is unreasonable.

From contributor Ha

A super high gloss buffed finish here in Florida runs 55.00 and up per sqft.

From contributor La

Your customer will likely be unhappy with the results even if expertly done. High gloss top just doesn't make sense! Looks beautiful, for a few days.

From contributor Jo

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Just a note that I got another estimate and it came in a little higher. So it looks like the going rate for gloss here in Brooklyn.

From contributor Br

A gloss finish is a lot of work and your custom orange color has to be mixed special. I don't think the difference is out of line.