Finishing Edgebanding

Thoughts on how to finish edgebanding, before or after application to prefinished panels. November 25, 2008

We build frameless cabinets and have been staining and finishing the insides of our cabinets the same as the doors and drawers. We want to switch to using pre-finished maple for our boxes but have no idea on how to stain and finish only the edgebanding. Is it possible?

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From contributor C:
Cut the roll into just under 8' strips, tape to a piece of scrap 4x8, and finish as usual. Then run the strip through your bander.

From contributor T:
What if you are using 1/4 banding?

From contributor R:
We usually edge band ours first. We then stack down pieces with all the edgetape even and facing the same direction. Tape off the back end and spray like that. Works well for us, but to each his own.

From contributor Y:
If you are not toning, why not just wipe on your stain and then apply a wipe on poly? You can get anyone in the shop to do it and I have never had a complaint. If you get a little stain or finish on the interior (pre-finished) it is easy to wipe off with some thinner or mineral spirits and it will not affect the finish. You will love not having to finish interiors of all your cabinets.

From contributor G:
Why spend all the time staining the edges? There are thousands of pre-finished vinyl tapes that will match or be slightly darker than your stained doors and drawer fronts. That's why you spent the money on an edgebander in the first place.