Finishing Old Furniture: Veneer Sand-Through

Here's an interesting set of photos of an old furniture piece that shows some discoloration when stripped and refinished. The problem? The veneer was sanded through.September 18, 2012

I stained an old piece of furniture that I think is mahogany. One side of the sanded wood appears to have a deep dark hue as opposed to the other side. I do not know what the discoloration is - heat burn perhaps. Some of the hue is not taking the stain. Here are before and after pictures...

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From contributor E:
The veneer has been sanded through. Paint it or re-veneer it.

From contributor C:
Contributor E is correct - the veneer has been sanded through and you are looking at glue! As he suggested, I would re-veneer the pieces where the glue is showing and then continue with dying or staining all to match.