Fixing Damaged Quartered Bookmatched Veneer


From original questioner:

Hello all, I build, repair, & refinish furniture, I have replaced a lot of veneer with no problems. This one is something else. Is it possible to get quartered bookmatched veneer like this? Does anyone know of a veneer guru in or about the St. Louis, MO area? I know my limitations, & that's why I'm asking for help. Thanks Ed

From contributor Ed

Other Pictures
This is what it's suppose to look like, well you know what I mean.
Any help appreciated.

From contributor Ch

I cannot tell what specie of wood from the photo, but it is a book matched burl (not quartered); maybe a walnut burl.

If you want single ply veneer to do a repair, try Certainly Wood. If you want to replace the whole thing, we (or someone else, possibly you) should make a 2-ply using a wood cross band, possibly a thick vulcanized paper, and replace the whole thing. It could be applied using hide glue or heated PVA glue. The only thing to watch is the thickness and the fit between the molding. If the molding is not parallel it would be a tough fit.

You may want to find out what type of repair will retain the most value (a/k/a Antique Road Show factor). What is such a piece worth?

Good luck, I mean that !

From contributor Ri

I too would guess walnut, but it looks like a 4 way crotch veneer layup instead of a burl. But, that top section does have some swirl. I'm still saying crotch figure. Getting that waterfall front bend on the top veneer will be the worst part for you. Crotch or burl veneer won't like to bend. You will probably have to steam and bend the panels before glueup. It's not going to be an easy one for sure! Wet down that top with mineral spirits and take more pictures. Send them to Certainly Wood and see what they have to say.