Fixing Runs in Conversion Varnish

Tips on using a razor blade to clean up runs in the finish. April 17, 2010

I have used CV for the first time and the item has several runs in it. I'm guilty of spraying too heavy, but it's too late now. Can anyone give me some advice? Can I sand these out (with what grit) and spray a lighter coat? I started out with a gun that wouldn't spray it and switched to one that sprayed too much.

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From contributor F:
Take a razor and start to shave off the runs. When you get them nice and smooth, sand with 220 the whole surface and recoat.

From contributor D:
A razor blade will work, but my main concern would be Mil thickness of the existing coating. Exceeding the manufacturer’s suggested film thickness can result in film checking, crazing, cracking and flaking. In which case, the runs would look pretty good in comparison.

From contributor R:
The issues contributor D talks about are rare. Just use the razor blade in the direction of the grain, sand with some 320, then go over that sanding with a super fine sanding sponge, & reshoot. Remember to keep the finish room and sprayed product at up 70 degrees while spraying and for 24 hours afterwards...that is the mistake that will usually be the downfall of CV.

From contributor P:
If you get to the runs when the finish is still soft, but not sticky, then shaving them with a razor works well. Once the finish hardens, it's easier to use the razor like a scraper.