Flat-Profile Crown Moulding

Some might call it a "Shaker" or "Mission" detail. Here are some examples and discussion of crown moulding with simple, flat faces. June 3, 2013

I am looking for some pointers how to attach shaker crown molding and also what style works the best. If I use a plain, straight crown, do I just nail on the face (angled) area? If I do, I will be nailing through .75" of material. My local supplier doesn't stock shaker crown, so that is why I'm not very familiar with it. I will have to get it from a different supplier I suppose (Walzcraft, Westwind, etc.) Maybe someone has a supplier recommendation and also an installation solution that has worked well?

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From contributor J:
I've made that flat style crown by cutting the 38/52 deg bevels just like making conventional crown. I surface to 5/8 thick or so, then cut my bevels front and back. You can nail it near the bottom in the flat portion.

From contributor E:
Like this? Just nail or screw it through the top.

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From contributor A:
Here is a sample of a crown we did for a small mission style kitchen. Certainly a bit more involved than a flat crown but it came out rather well, and you don't have to worry about weird angles.

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From the original questioner:
I think what you describe is about what I was thinking as well. I wasn't so sure about nailing on the face, but might have to.

Contributor E - the cabinets will be going to the ceiling, so that is not an option. Good idea though in the right circumstance.

Contributor A - that's amazing and very decorative! I'll have to keep something like that in mind for the future. That's a lot of miter saw work.

From contributor G:
When I did it I just attached it to the face frame.

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