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Advice on shopping for aftermarket stops. May 31, 2014

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I have checked everywhere. Where can I get flip stops for a crosscut fence?

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From contributor C:
I know this isn't a flip stop put give it a look. I've got Glide Stops on my vertical panel saw, line boring machine, and one on my custom made cross cut sled. They're not terribly expensive and the repeatability is awesome. I've also got their RF stop on my table saw and one sitting in a box waiting to go on my notcher.

From contributor B:
Why don't you get them from whoever made the saw?

From contributor S:
I got a bunch from kenbdone.com. Set up an older saw - used 2 x 2 angle iron fence to mount stops on.

From contributor M:
Contributor C, what brand of vertical panel saw do you have that mounted on?

From contributor C:
I put it on my Holz Her 1203. It was a big upgrade from the old OEM flip stops it came with. I've got indexes for upper and lower heights and widths, etc. I drew up and had made the raw aluminum piece you can see in the pics. I needed to rotate the Glide Stop to make it work and an extension to engage the panel. The extrusion the Glide Stop slides on is mounted flush with the metal frame of the saw so it's out of harm's way.

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From the original questioner:
1980 Martin, but the standoffs are worn, so all have different depth readings. I take them off and run against fence and no problems. So I was thinking run against fence with newer style stops, but I can`t find any on the net. I guess I was thinking ordering from the manufacturer would be more costly. Today I'll contact Martin and see if they have the original style standoffs, but new.

From contributor M:
Contributor C, thanks for the additional information and pictures! Your application is very ingenious.

From contributor E:
Not sure if this helps, but I have used T-Slot hardware in my shop and it works well.

From contributor J:
Can you have the original standoffs machined?