Fly Speck Splatter Techniques

A few tips and tricks for spatter finishing. November 25, 2008

I'd like to learn about the techniques of fly speck or splatter painting with a HVLP. Any information on results removing the air cap to get the desired affect?

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From contributor C:
Search "spatter" in the Knowledge Base here and you will find a nice article by Mac Simmons and the replies to several threads where this has been discussed.

From contributor G:
Spraying may be making more work than needed. Buy a cheap flux brush. Take a small plastic lacquer thinner kid-proof cap and fill it with naphtha. Into this put a glob of raw umber solvent based UTC colorant. Dip the flux brush into the pigment and while holding the bristles with your first two fingers, flick the bristles with your thumb toward your project. If you don't like the pattern, take a rag with naphtha and wipe them off. Once you're happy, spray a seal coat over the flecks.

If you are intent on spraying, there is an old-time trick with a regular cup gun. Strip some 12-2 copper wire and shape a cone from the wire. Twist the big end of the cone onto the air cap of the sprayer. Put a solution of naphtha and pigment into the gun. Lower the pressure and sprits the trigger. You'll get a pattern of spots. Not as random as the hand method, but okay on big projects.

From contributor J:
All I do is use SW VDB glaze and put it in my small touchup gun with a 1.0 size tip. Just turn your flow and air down to the desired size spec. It's almost so easy I feel guilty for upcharging for the fly speck. When you use the SW glaze, just let it dry for about an hour, then you can tack it off and topcoat with pretty much anything. I use Krystal. I originally bought the gun at Advanced Auto Parts for about 100 bucks. I've had it for 6 years.

From contributor S:
Guns and techniques aside, what material you use is dependant on the type of coatings you are using. You have to determine your compatibility parameters first, then you can find what gun or technique you can use to get you what you want.

From contributor E:
Pickard's touchup gun method is my favorite way to flyspeck. Just turn the air way down and spray on the specks.

From contributor D:
Or you can buy a Devilbiss or Iwata decorator's gun. The Iwata also does veiling. The Devilbiss only shoots dots.

From contributor L: