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Looking for an expert as I am not. The following formulas work independently, I want to subtract the second one from the first but can't get the brackets right. Any help appreciated. TIA

[Select Sum(AcrInv.InvTtl) From AcrInv Where AcrInv.Status < 5 And AcrInv.InvTyp = 1 And AcrInv.JobNum = {ActRec.RecNum}]

[Select Sum(JobCst.CstAmt)from JobCst Where JobCst.Status =1 And JobCst.JobNum = {ActRec.RecNum}] *0.42 + [Select Sum(JobCst.CstAmt) from JobCst Where JobCst.Status =1 And JobCst.JobNum = {ActRec.RecNum}]

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What program are you trying to use this in?

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The program is Sage 100 Contractor which is our accounting package. The Acrinv. are record numbers in the database.

From contributor Mi

check out the formula example at sage help website for an idea. This forum is a good place to find sage 100 experts.
Disclaimer, I am a nerd but not this particular flavor of Sage 100 nerd.