Free Forestry Sciences Laboratory Software

Here's a collection of free computer software designed to help with starting and running a wood products business. December 22, 2006

The Forestry Sciences Laboratory of Princeton, West Virginia has developed a number of software programs specifically for U.S. wood products manufacturers. All software packages are free of charge. To download, visit:
Forestry Sciences Laboratory Software

ROMI - The ROMI rough mill simulator allows users to examine many aspects of rip-first and chop-first processing, including: grade mix, arbor design, optimization, cutting bill, panels, moulding, and much more.

UGRS - The Ultimate Grading and Remanufacturing System - Lumber grading simulation software.

COST (Cost of Sawing Timber) - COST computes the annual operating cost of sawmill operations (based on user-defined inputs).

Financial Ratio Analysis (FRAN) - FRAN allows forest products enterprises to view their financial and operating ratios, and important measures of business activity, based on user inputs.

Just Enough Fine Financial Information (JEFFI) - JEFFI is a cash flow analysis program that provides a quick, first look at investment potential.

Pallet Costing System (PCS) - PCS calculates the total cost and per unit cost of manufacturing an order of wood pallets.

Foresters' Metric Conversions - The Foresters' Metric Conversions program converts English measures to metric, and vice versa - a handy tool for foresters.