Fumes escaping from lacquer drums

Options for sealing 55-gallon drums of lacquer to prevent fumes from escaping. 1998.

by Rick Hill

We use a highly toxic Sherwin Williams lacquer to finish furniture. The lacquer comes in 55-gallon drums. A lid was specially made for these containers.

The problem is that these lids have an agitator built into them. The lid has two holes -- one four inches in diameter, one 2-5/8, from which toxic fumes escape. I have not been able to find bung plugs for these holes. Could you point me in the right direction to purchase off-size plugs, or suggestions to remedy the problem?

Lots of options here. Most drum lids have a screw thread that will accept a threaded valve stem for pouring off the finish. (It looks like a tap.) If your lid is not able to accept these common industrial supply taps, then it is up to your SW rep to find a solution. The finish manufacturers do not make drums, so there is a little extra work your rep will have to do to find a solution. You could look in your yellow pages for a drum supplier near you. Would it be feasible to try closed-head drums?

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