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Don't sign up with any kind of middleman ó the Federal contracting process is open to everyone. October 2, 2007

I recently received a solicitation from a company or agency that produces a book called the Federal Procurement Guide. Supposedly they collect a list of all small businesses that would like to do business with the federal government, then forward this guide to the Feds for their use. The ads cost about 400 bucks a year. Does anyone have any experience with this agency? I don't mind paying the money if it is a legitimate company that produces results, but I am leery of being ripped off.

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From contributor A:
You can sign up for free with the Feds to receive all their RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs at no cost. The book you mention sounds like a scam. Most state governments have similar programs. Also, itís worth mentioning that even though the government is encouraged to work with small business, they typically only do if there is no other option or the business is woman or minority owned. Also, they are horrible about paying bills. Getting payment in 60 days on NET30 terms would be exceptionally quick pay for most government agencies, 90 days is the norm.

From contributor D:
A local fellow was recently convicted of selling the free information on finding government jobs to the unsuspecting and unresourceful. The Feds were going to size his 9,000 s/f McMansion as part of the settlement. His last night in the place, it burned to the ground! Such bad luck! He has appealed all his convictions, and has been out on bond. The last I hear, he is selling the info on how to apply for and get government contracts.