Gluing Jatoba [Brazillian Cherry]


From original questioner:

This a follow-on question to my post on 4/14:

Essentially the same post but regarding Jatoba, a Brazillian hardwood. Plan to also use Titebond III - also for PRODUCTION volume outdoor furniture. Anyone care to offer advise on this wood?

From contributor Ge

This wood is somewhat difficult to machine as it has interlocked grain (meaning that the grain spirals one direction for a while and then reverses. So, you are always planing against the grain in some part of the wood.

There are more than 20 species in this group, so properties vary.

Shrinkage is quite high...1% size change for a 3% MC change. This means that you must incorporate wood movement into your designs.

Due to the density, gluing is quite difficult. Surfaces must be perfectly flat and must have been prepared within 10 minutes in order to get the best joint.