Gluing Up Split Turnings

Advice on paper choice for gluing up split wood turnings in furnituremaking. July 16, 2012

What brand and type of heavy duty paper is used for gluing split turnings together?

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From contributor J:

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From contributor R:
I can only tell you not to use paper grocery bags. I did a small split finial and was shocked at how easy it came apart after turning. If I had done anything large, I don't think it would have stayed together on the lathe.

From contributor W:

We use a double sided tape made for turning bowls. It's great! You don't have to wait for glue to dry and it's lots easier to remove than the paper after you split it apart. We tape, clamp for about 30 seconds, then start turning.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. Who supplies the double stick tape for turnings?

From contributor W:
I bought it from Wood Turners Supply. It is cloth backed, so it comes off in one piece (instead of the cheaper two sided tape that turns into a hundred pieces when you remove it).

From contributor O:
I will second contributor J's recommendation - newsprint works beautifully.

From contributor S:
I have always used wax paper. I've done turnings large and small without a problem. I've also used craft paper and newspaper, but prefer the wax paper. Nothing's blown apart yet and I've been using it over 10 years.