Goat Skin Cabinets?

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Yes, goat skin parchment is used to veneer cabinets. Here's how it works. May 13, 2005

I recently saw a contemporary cabinet in a brochure and it had goat skin as part of the finish. Is this real goat skin, or something else?

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From contributor J:
Probably real goat skin. Also known as vellum - very popular with the French Art Deco boys. Beautiful stuff.

From contributor R:
Did a job for an expensive house that called for goat skin vanities. This house also had one bathroom with stingray skin cabinets. If you have the money, anything is possible.

From contributor A:
Funny you should ask. Done a house with cabs with goat skin panels. Goat skin is really goat skin parchment, often used in restoration. You really need a good press and the secret is the glue, which is amazingly white pda.

From contributor D:
I used to work for a shop that did a lot of goat skin pieces for a designer. We'd buy the skins from a skin supplier, pre-stretched and dried. The media we would attach the skins to was typically 1/2" MDF that had an 1/8" by 1/2" rabbet machined around the perimeter of the back face. Then we'd soak the goat skin in water until it became pliable enough to stretch and wrap around the face of the MDF. Prior to applying the skins to the MDF, we'd coat the face of the MDF with Titebond yellow glue. After using 1/4" long, wide crown staples to attach the skin into the recess of the rabbet, a razor blade was used to trim the excess skin off. After the skin dried, we'd usually install the panel into a frame of whatever hardwood was called for in the specs. We'd use coarse threaded screws through the rear panel to draw the skinned panel firmly into place. The reason for this was that as the skins dry, they shrink and the tension of the skin actually causes the MDF panel to cup. It worked out fine. The product was then finished with clear lacquer. The skins are never the same in appearance and typically had scars from bites and running into barbed fences and such. Not for everyone, but still an interesting and unique look. The cost for the skins is pretty reasonable too. Manta and Sting Ray skins are a little pricier, but work the same as the goat skins do.