Grass Hinge Boring Machine


From original questioner:

I just purchased this machine and have no prior experience with these. Ideally I'd like to find a manual for it or ? so that I can learn how to use it.


From contributor De


What you have here is a Grass GMII machine. It has not been produced since the mid-1990s. The company that made them for Grass is long out of business.

I would contact Grass USA directly, they may still have a copy of the owners manual floating around somewhere.

Operation is pretty basic though.

(1) Set your fence flip-stops to locate the hinges from the top and bottom of the door.

(2) Set the edge bore distance for the hinge you intend to use by moving the fence forward or backward. (between 3mm - 6mm).

(3) Connect to air. (Usually about 100psi)

(4) Connect to electric (110v or 220v?).

(5) If you need new bits, you will need:

2 - 8mm X 57mm Left hand boring bits (for hinges with dowels).

1 - 35mm X 57mm Right hand boring bit for hinge cup hole.

(6) Test drill a wood scrap.

(7) Check the depth of bore and edge bore distance.

(8) Position the door on the table and turn electric switch to "on" and engage the hold-down clamps.

(9) Press button to activate the drill motor. Drill for the hinge.
When you press the button, the drill head will move slowly downward until within an inch or so of the door face. At this point the bits will begin to turn. Release the button to stop the operation and to return the drill head to the "up" position.

(10) Position hinge on the insertion ram and rotate the insertion ram down.

(11) Push button again to lower the hinge and press the hinge into the door.

(12) Return insertion ram to the "up" position.

(13) Release hold down clamps

(14) Move door to the position for the second hinge and repeat operation.


The positions for the fence stops can also be synchronized with the line boring holes on your cabinet side if you plan to line bore your cabinets. This allows you to accurately line up the hinge with the hinge mounting plate.

Hope this helps

From contributor Ro

It does, thank you! Here's another pic of some parts that came with it: The large orange part is marked Blum Tandem T65-1000 and the black metal part is marked Blum A=37 and A-28. The other parts aren't marked but all were packed together in a separate box and came with the Grass machine. Are they adapters for it? There was also the second boring head shown in the picture and not shown is a 5 spindle head for the shelf pins.

From contributor De

Since you have 2 gear boxes, I would say that one will drill for the "old" Grass pattern that they used back when this machine was made. The other gearbox probably drills in the Salice/Blum hinge pattern.

The 5 spindle head can be used for only drilling for shelf pins or it can also be used for pre-drilling for the hinge mounting plates on the cabinet side. The fence stop positions let you drill for the hinges and then drill the side for the mounting plates and they will line up properly.

Here is your photo with the items identified. Except for the gearbox, these items have nothing to do with this machine.

PS: We can take care of your hinge and drawer slide needs here at Salice. Just send me your address and I will see that you get a Salice catalog.