Grounding Spray Equipment

Attach the clip to a wire that goes to earth. October 4, 2011

Today I noticed the grounding clip on my Kremlin. How does this help? Do you just clip it to the can of lacquer?

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From contributor G:
You clip it to a grounded source. It is to drain the unit of static electricity. Most of the time you can connect it to your steel or copper airlines. They should be grounded through the compressor.

From contributor H:
The purpose of the clip is to dump any static electricity that builds up in the hoses, etc. The clip helps bad things from happening. Think of it a ground lug on your three prong plugs. The best thing to do if possible is to drive a copper rod into the ground about 18-24 inches and run a lead from it. Then ground your pails and pumps to it. You can also typically ground it to your booth - remember metal to metal contact. If you ground to your cart, which typically has rubber wheels, you are still isolated from ground.